/Recycled material swimsuits that you will love

Recycled material swimsuits that you will love

I write about recycled material swimsuits now, in autumn, because I love spas and once in a while I feel like going swimming in the pool. At this time of the year, shops have little variety, which makes it a challenge to find the perfect one. And I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

Buying a swimsuit in October is daring. In addition, I look for swimsuits made of recycled material, original and produced closely. Looking for a swimsuit with these characteristics isn’t yet a common desire of thousands of women, so the best option that I found was looking for it on the Internet from my house, with a cup of hot tea. And as always, I like to find special brands. Besides, a super tip: if you didn’t know, almost all brands have discounts in autumn!

Recycled material swimsuits

So, you can ecologically afford to buy a cool swimsuit and take care of the planet. And another important advice for you: be careful with the size. Specially with swimsuits, you must be aware of its length, which is measured from your inner thigh to your shoulders. It is very important to know that, as if not, later we might show “love handles” on the buttocks, or we might feel it too tight in the shoulders.

It is always a disappointment when we get the wrong size. To finish this post, I have looked for brands that are committed to projects that take care and clean the ocean floor and which share a deep admiration for the ecosystem.

Here I introduce three of my favorite sustainable brands:

NowThenLabel – you will simply love this brand. They look after every detail, and the cuts and models are exquisite. In each swimsuit they use up to 300 grams of recycled marine trash turned into an Econyl fabric of premium quality. They also sell swimsuits made of Ecopreno, which is a petrol free neoprene.

allSisters – ecological awareness, Made in green by OEKO-TEX® certification, surf and design.

Two Thirds – this brand, apart from swimsuits, offers clothes made of organic and recycled materials: sweaters, pants, jackets… everything 😊 They are from Barcelona and they produce in Europe.