/IAIOS sweater made of recycled thread and Ynés Suelves

IAIOS sweater made of recycled thread and Ynés Suelves


Sweaters, just like jeans, are a basic essential that we all have in our wardrobe. Nowadays, sweaters are worn in a different way, that is, inside pants or skirts. Try it with oversized pants and don’t be afraid to add more volume and mix colors. Mixing red and pink fits so well, for example.


In this post I want to show you how you can wear a red IAIOS sweater with delicate pink pants from Ynés Suelves, the proclaimed Spanish designer, creating, daring and chic look to go for a walk, to go to the theatre, or to go out for dinner.


Now I will talk about IAIOS more in detail, as I love the way they produce their sweaters, and the next post I will dedicate to Ynés.


The IAIOS sustainable method consists in recycling the wool of other clothes and turn it into a recycled and recyclable thread. Besides, separating the raw material by colors, saves the most contaminating part, which is dying it. This is a clear example of sustainability and circular economy in its purest state.


If you are interested in seeing the creation process, here is the video: https://vimeo.com/204505756. The garment production is quite difficult and environmentally very treacherous. The more mixed materials, the more difficult to recycle. Other types of fibers, such as lyocell or tencell, rayon, hemp or linen, contaminate less. Normally, we buy sweaters made of polystyrene mixed with cotton or wool.


When you buy a new sweater, you should have a look at the label and wonder if it really worth what it costs and the place where it is produced.


Sustainability and circular economy


The more low-quality clothes we buy and use, the faster we are going to spend the planet resources. IAIOS is a very important alternative because it uncovers other methods to create clothes, reusing the resources once created, which is something significant.